1. “Mkeka women group”
2. Orphan education
3. Promotion of local tailoring crafts
4. Volunteering work camps

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 1. “Mkeka women group”

The women group project, settled by Light for New Life in Bumbuli Village, is a community based project through which giving to a group of women the chance of learning a job, having an income opportunity and bettering their social role in the local community they live in.
The women involved in the group are producing the “mkeka”, a carpet made in natural material (such as palm leaves), colored or used in their natural color.
These carpets can have different shapes: round (“kitanga”) or squared (“mswala”) and are very common in the costal area of Tanzania.


2. Orphan education

In Bumbuli Village the number of children orphans because of HIV/AIDS is very high. Here, Light for New Life Foundation is starting a pre-primary school to provide education to children from age of 3-6 years who don’t have sponsor and who can’t afford education in preparation to primary school. We believe in free education, not only as a “natural right” that all children in the world should have, but even as the only real mean that
developing countries have to fight poverty: giving children free education means giving them self determination and interrupt the cycle of poverty.


3. Promotion of local tailoring crafts

Light for New Life  Foundation cooperates with a group of local sewers, living in Bumbuli Village. We support them in the production and selling of tailoring crafts, made with kitenge and batik, typical cotton sheet printed with colored African drawings.
If you are interested in viewing or buying our kitenge and batik products, please contact us.


4. Volunteering work camps

We believe in cooperation, solidarity and volunteerism. We think that volunteering in a developing country, like Tanzania, can be a very exciting experience to live a very deep cultural exchange. We organize short work-camps, in which the volunteers are involved in jobs useful for the local communities and to allow Light for New Life
to fulfill its community based projects. In this way we can make north and south of the world work together.
If you are interested in taking part to a work-camp in December this year,
download here the Infosheet about the camp and contact us


2 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jan 10, 2012 @ 07:09:02

    Thank for the efforts to support the Marginalized Population of Tanzania and in most case Women and Children. Much support shall also come from the dearest People across the World.


  2. light4newlife
    Jan 11, 2012 @ 14:49:04

    Thank you Michael for your interest in our very small and new born NGO! We are really young and we’re trying so hard to develop projects, starting from Bumbuli Village! We hope you’ll continue in follow us, and you we’ll develop news about us among your friends and family! Mungu akubariki (that in swahili language means God bless you!).
    Light for New Life Foundation!


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