About us

Light for New Life Foundation
is a non-profit organization, founded by a group of 10 youth,
nine Tanzanian and one Italian, it has been established
in March 2011 and in the same year it has been recognized
as NGO by the Government of United Republic of Tanzania.

Light for New Life Foundation is an organization
that endeavors to benefit all people regardless
of religious believes, tribe and gender, it seeks to
achieve its objectives by sharing information with
local communities, stakeholders and local authorities
and implementing its projects in line with
the needs of the community.


We want to contribute in making the world a better place to live.

Our mission is to improve life of the most vulnerable people
(orphans, children, women, youth, and the poorest population
of the rural areas), through the promotion of a social economic
growth and the development of self-sustainable projects.
We believe that sustainability of the projects by the local
community is the only real way to improve their lives.

1. to promote free education, not only as a
“natural right” that all children in the world
should have, but even as the only real mean
that Tanzania has to fight poverty: giving chil-
dren free education means giving them self

2. to help the more vulnerable people (orphans,
children, widows, youth and the poorest popu-
lation of the rural areas) in reaching a social
and economic empowerment as a mean to
fight poverty and reach independence and self

3. to promote education to prevent HIV/AIDS and
avoid stigmatization of affected people;

4. to promote the spirit of co-operation and solidarity
among people and actors of the local communi-

5. to promote and encourage youth, both local and
international, to volunteer in community services;

6. to manage the incomes of the Organization and
the donations in a transparent way, updating con-
stantly the donors and the beneficiaries of the
local communities about the way of using/
investing money and using them exclusively to
promote the objectives and the activities of the

Our values:

1. We believe in free education as a natural right and
as a mean to become self-determinated and to
fight poverty.

2. We believe in the empowerment of the most vulnerable
people, and in particular of women, to allow them
to be self-reliant.

3. We believe in co-operation,
solidarity and volunteerism.

4. We believe in transparency and communication.




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    Oct 31, 2012 @ 12:36:49

    we are here in the computer class, we are 10 students from bumbuli and 3 volunteers from italy. it is the first time to internet. we are enjoy the lessons sisi ndio waanzilishi wa darasa hili la mafunzo ya computer. ESTER ,ADAM,HIDAYA


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