Meeting with the Village Leaders and Representatives in Bumbuli

On the 16th of January the Chairman of Light for New Life Foundation has met the main stakeholders, village leaders and group of villagers representatives. The aim of the meeting has been to understand the main problems of Bumbuli Village. This is necessary to understand the actions that are necessary to create a cooperation net with the local community.
The chairman gave a chance to every participant to write down on the piece of paper 3 or 4 problems of their village. The problems have been prioritized, according to the occurrence. Totally, there were 42 participants, that have expressed 154 votes. The following graph represent the result of the meeting.

The priority has been given to the construction of a new secondary school simply because currently there is no secondary school to both villages. Both villages (Bumbuli Mission and Bumbuli Kaya) depends on the school that is 2km away. Students have to risk going through the hills and bush. Among all the participants, 39 of them identified a need for a secondary school as problem facing the village. The land for the construction is already available.
Water problem appeared as the second priority that was mention by the participants. This had the frequency of 30. The village has no reliable sources of safe water. Every day, a big number of women have to walk for 1 km or more to get water. There is plan of water put in the pipeline for a long time by the government but it has not been realized.
Dispensary goes as third main concern of the people at Bumbuli. Nowadays, there is a dispensary but it does not full fill the needs. Here they are calling for the extending of the building and increasing its capacity to offer services.
The recently classroom of the primary schools are not in the good order. They need to be repaired.
All the schools lack teaching aids and stationery.
Toilets are another problem in primary schools. The number of the toilets is not proportional to the number of pupils.
This is for us a very good starting point and a hard objective for our future plans and we hope that great number of people will choose to support us in someway!
We need your deep support!
Light for New Life Foundation.


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