The pre-primary school in Bumbuli is starting!!!

In Tanzania the new school year starts on January. And so, in this month Bumbuli will have a new school: the “Kin’gen’gezi pre-primary school”. It will host 40 children, most of them orphans because of HIV or children in very hard economic and social conditions. We’re proud of this, even if the efforts to be done are still many. In Bumbuli, like in great part of rural and interior villages in Tanzania, there is a great number of orphans and children living in very hard conditions. We believe that free education is the only mean to free them from poverty and give them hope and future. Despite the efforts done by the Government in these last year to increase the attendance rate of school, there is still a great number of families that cannot afford to send their children to a school. “Kin’gen’gezi” is a Sambaa word (Sambaa is a tribe language spoken in Bumbuli) that means firefly: we have used this name, because giving to these children the chance to attend the school means switching on a little light of hope in their lives. We want to thank all the people near us, that are helping us, with their job, their volunteerism and their material support. Many thanks to Frank and Romman that everyday work for that. Thank to Daniel and Cecile, that have believed in our project since the first moment. And a special thank to Elena, that with her presence in Bumbuli has contributed to make this possible. Asante sana from all of us!


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