Bomboniere solidali da Bumbuli

Light for a New Life Foundation desidera ringraziare Irene e Carmine per il loro generoso aiuto. Lo scorso 13 Luglio, Irene and Carmine si sono sposati. In occasione del loro matrimonio, hanno deciso di fare una donazione alla nostra scuola materna “Kin’gen’gezi nursery school. Vogliamo esprimere il nostro più sincero ringraziamento ed augurare ad Irene, Carmine e Andrea una lunga e felice vita insieme.



A wedding souvenir from Bumbuli

Light for a New Life Foundation would like to thank Irene and Carmine for their generous contribution. Last Saturday, the 13th of July, Irene and Carmine got married. They decided to make a donation for Kin’gen’gezi nursery school, buying a wedding souvenir prepared by some tailors of Bumbuli village. We want to express our appreciation and we would like to wish to Irene Carmine and Andrea a long and happy life together.Image

Computer class project

Everything is almost ready: the electricity has been connected and the desks and chairs are ready… now we are waiting for the three volunteers coming from Italy: Pietro, Luciano and Piero, sent by “Infromatici Senza Frontiere” to settle a computer room and to make a basic course of computer to 10 youth from the village. At the end of the course the best youth will be selected and will continue to cooperate with Light for New Life Foundation to give free computer lessons to other youths of the village. We are really excited for this opportunity but above all we are really happy about the participation to the project until now. In particular, we want to thank “Bumbuli Development Corporation” to have supported us: this is the first step for two organizations that work in the same area and that really want to cooperate together! And this is the blog started by Informatici Senza Frontiere for Bumbuli project: they will update you about everything from here:

Meeting with the Village Leaders and Representatives in Bumbuli

On the 16th of January the Chairman of Light for New Life Foundation has met the main stakeholders, village leaders and group of villagers representatives. The aim of the meeting has been to understand the main problems of Bumbuli Village. This is necessary to understand the actions that are necessary to create a cooperation net with the local community.
The chairman gave a chance to every participant to write down on the piece of paper 3 or 4 problems of their village. The problems have been prioritized, according to the occurrence. Totally, there were 42 participants, that have expressed 154 votes. The following graph represent the result of the meeting.

The priority has been given to the construction of a new secondary school simply because currently there is no secondary school to both villages. Both villages (Bumbuli Mission and Bumbuli Kaya) depends on the school that is 2km away. Students have to risk going through the hills and bush. Among all the participants, 39 of them identified a need for a secondary school as problem facing the village. The land for the construction is already available.
Water problem appeared as the second priority that was mention by the participants. This had the frequency of 30. The village has no reliable sources of safe water. Every day, a big number of women have to walk for 1 km or more to get water. There is plan of water put in the pipeline for a long time by the government but it has not been realized.
Dispensary goes as third main concern of the people at Bumbuli. Nowadays, there is a dispensary but it does not full fill the needs. Here they are calling for the extending of the building and increasing its capacity to offer services.
The recently classroom of the primary schools are not in the good order. They need to be repaired.
All the schools lack teaching aids and stationery.
Toilets are another problem in primary schools. The number of the toilets is not proportional to the number of pupils.
This is for us a very good starting point and a hard objective for our future plans and we hope that great number of people will choose to support us in someway!
We need your deep support!
Light for New Life Foundation.

The pre-primary school in Bumbuli is starting!!!

In Tanzania the new school year starts on January. And so, in this month Bumbuli will have a new school: the “Kin’gen’gezi pre-primary school”. It will host 40 children, most of them orphans because of HIV or children in very hard economic and social conditions. We’re proud of this, even if the efforts to be done are still many. In Bumbuli, like in great part of rural and interior villages in Tanzania, there is a great number of orphans and children living in very hard conditions. We believe that free education is the only mean to free them from poverty and give them hope and future. Despite the efforts done by the Government in these last year to increase the attendance rate of school, there is still a great number of families that cannot afford to send their children to a school. “Kin’gen’gezi” is a Sambaa word (Sambaa is a tribe language spoken in Bumbuli) that means firefly: we have used this name, because giving to these children the chance to attend the school means switching on a little light of hope in their lives. We want to thank all the people near us, that are helping us, with their job, their volunteerism and their material support. Many thanks to Frank and Romman that everyday work for that. Thank to Daniel and Cecile, that have believed in our project since the first moment. And a special thank to Elena, that with her presence in Bumbuli has contributed to make this possible. Asante sana from all of us!

A Christmas gift for Bumbuli.

Dear friends, even this year Christmas is arrived. To celebrate these holidays, Light for New Life Foudation has pubbliched a music cd of Tanzanian gospel, in cooperation with a Tanzanian Group called Canaan Singers Group. The cd is available on iTunes at the following link:

All the money rised with the sellini will be used for the school in Bumbuli. Please, download the cd, gift it to your friends and families, tell to your friends to download it. It is a small thing, that can give hope and future to those children! We hope you will be many!
Marry Chrsitmas to all of you!

Remembering last August…

Last August the Italian volunteers of Trenarcobaleno came in Bumbuli Village to have some good time with the children of Kivumo Primary School… We spoke about childwood through games: we organized games, juggling, theatrical plays, dances, musics, paintings… and we had fun together… children and adults, Tanzanians and Italians… for two weeks together!!!

Here there is the link to the video of the final show: Peter Pan played by the children of Kivumo Primary school!!!

Asante sana Trenarcobaleno!!! Karibu tena!!!

The first public event of Light for New Life: Change-up!

Last weekend (18th – 20th of November 2011) Light for a New Life Foundation has taken part to a public event in Milano called “Change-up” and dealing with sustainable fashion. We had our stand and we were able to advertise our projects and to present the bags produced by the group of sewers in Bumbuli Village. We would like to thank all the people that have listened to us and that have come to see and buy the Bumbuli bags: your contribution is really helpful to us! Asante sana and we really hope to meet you again again and again… in Italy and in Tanzania!!!

The Bumbuli bags in Milano


Next weekend, from Friday the 18th to Sunday the 20th of November there will be a public event in Milano called “Change-up”: during the event there will be exposed some products of the fashion sector, concerning with sustainability. The bags producted in Bumbuli by the group of sewers will be exposed there!!! You are almost welcome to see and buy the Bumbuli bags!!!

Attached you find the presentation of the event and this is the official website:

The exposure will be in Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27 Milano, according to the following timetable:
18th of November: form 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.
19th of November: from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
20th of November: form 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

We hope to see all of you there!!!
Light for a New Life Foundation

Official registration

We’re happy to communicate that finally, the 17th of October 2011, Light for New Life Foundation has been officially registered and recongnized as a NGO by the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania. All our efforts are starting to bring concrete results. Now that we are registered, we will need a lot of support and help by everyone of you to realize concrete actions in Bumbuli and other villages of Lushoto.

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